4W Solar Home System

//4W Solar Home System

4W Solar Home System

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4W Solar Home System

  • Solar panel: 4W/5V poly solar panel with 5M Cable
  • Battery: 3.7V/4400mAh, Li-ion battery
  • LED: 3pcs 1W super high brightness LED bulbs with 3M Cable
  • Light Time: 6 hours working after full charge for 3 lamps
  • Charge by solar & AC/DC adaptor
  • USB port for mobile charge function
  • Solar Panel Size: 202mm(L) x 210mm(H) x 15mm(W)
  • System Size: 165mm(L) x 105mm(H) x 30mm(W)

1. Green and Clean –  Powered by solar energy.

2. Powerful Electricity –  High storage of  electricity to be used in night.

3. Automatic and Intelligent –  There are microprocessors inside.

4. Safely and Reliable – Protection for controller if reverse connection of solar panel or battery.

5. Easy to use –  Plug-in connecting, electricity indicator.


–  Control box with 4400mAh Li-ion battery
–  4W/5V solar panel with 5M cable
–  1W LED bulb with 3M cable×3 pcs
–  10pcs mobile phone charger


– Residence
– Remote places
– Outdoor activities
– Emergency Light
– Area with no electricity supply

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