400Wh Solar Portable Power Supply

//400Wh Solar Portable Power Supply

400Wh Solar Portable Power Supply


400Wh Solar Portable Power Supply


Battery Capacity  : 400Wh

AC Wall Charger  : 6 – 8 hours (70W)

DC Car Charger  : 10 – 20 hours (48W)

Solar Charger  : 4 – 6 hours (120W)

Charge Input Voltage  : 14V – 40V


Output Voltage  : 220/230/240V AC±3%

Output Frequency : 50/60Hz±0.5Hz

Rated Output Power  : 300W (Pure Sine Wave)

Peak Output  : 450W


4 x USB Port  : 2x5V2.1A; 2x5V1A

1 x 12.6V Car Port  : 120W

2 x DC 6mm Port  : 2 x 12V3A

Car Jump Starter  : 200A – 400A @ 12V

Dimension (mm)  : L230 x W140 x H235 mm


Recommended Solar Panel  : 100W (Not included)


1. PS5B portable solar energy generator have used polycrystalline (monocrystalline) high-efficiency solar panels, aluminum frame laminated glass, stylish, sturdy and practical, easy to carry and transport.

2. Nice shape, surface spray, more suitable for outdoor environments.

3. Portable solar energy generator with battery check function, so you can know the status of power, to ensure the required electricity.

4. Full input and output devices, without installation, operation is simple, fast and convenient.

5. Overcharge and over discharge protection device and overload protection, high temperature protection, short circuit protection and other functions, with AC outlet, the power supply can be described as small household appliances.

  • Solar Portable Power Supply x 1
  • AC wall charger x 1
  • Solar charger cable x 1
  • DC car charging cable x 1
  • Jump starter with alligator clip cable x 1

  • Home
  • Outdoor activities
  • Travelling
  • Emergency

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Looking for ultra light weight power source?

The 400wh Solar Portable Power Supply will surely meet your needs. It weighs only 8Kg with dimension of 230mm x 140mm x 235mm so that you can easily take it to any of your camping destination, boating, traveling or simply for your home backup for emergency purposes.

What It Powers?

The  400wh Solar Portable Power Supply  provides 5v DC USB output, 12v DC for battery charging and 240v AC for your regular home appliances. With its widest voltage output it can accommodate almost everything from Smart Phones, Laptops, iPad, Tablet, LED lights, HDTV and many more.

It is also great for your home appliances such as video recorder, DVD player, fan and lights. Furthermore, it is ideal for your office devices like PC, printer, display device, copying machine, fax machine and projector.

Charge From Many Source

The  400wh Solar Portable Power Supply can be easily powered from your AC wall outletDC car charger or solar charger. From AC wall with 70w it will took only 6 – 8 hours to fully charge. For DC car charger with 48w you’ll wait at least 10 – 20 hours while from solar charger with 120w in just 4- 6 hours.

Durable Samsung Battery Cell

The  400wh Solar Portable Power Supply  is built with Samsung lithium ion battery cell that gives you more advantage than other brand. It is durable, lighter, safer, longer life span, environmental friendly and highly portable than other competing brand.

More Advanced Features

The  400wh Solar Portable Power Supply  brings more advanced features that make it easy to use. There is a LED indicator that shows the battery remaining capacity. The charge indicates if it is in full charge status. The discharge designates its low power and the failure status signifies its breakdown.

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