4000Wh Solar Portable Power Supply

//4000Wh Solar Portable Power Supply

4000Wh Solar Portable Power Supply


4000Wh Solar Portable Power Supply

Battery Capacity  : 4000Wh

Battery Type   : Li-ion Battery


Rated Output Power  : 2000W

Peak Output  : 3000W

AC Charge

Input Voltage  : 88 -264Vac

Max Charge Power  : 600W

Solar Charge

Max Input Power  : 1500W

Start-up Voltage  : 75Vdc

MPPT Amount  : 2

MPPT Input Voltage  : 75-140Vdc

Max Input Voltage  : 150Vdc

Solar Charging Model  : MPPT

Dimension (mm)  : L600 x W270 x H510 mm


1. 4000WH Solar Portable Power Supply has multi-functional, integrated storage battery with solar charge controller, which will be more easy to use.

2. Remote monitoring support – The battery system utilization can be showed on LCD screen, automatic management and alarm. Or you can use portable terminal and realize remote monitor through the internet, safe use. It is able to set different working
mode according to household lifestyle.

3. Full input and output devices, without installation, operation is simple, fast and convenient.

4. Overcharge and over discharge protection device and overload protection, high temperature protection, short circuit protection and other functions, with AC outlet, the power supply can be described as small household appliances.

  • Solar Portable Power Supply x 1
  • AC Input Cable x 1
  • Solar Input Cable x 2
  • User Manual x 1

  • Residential
  • Office
  • Emergency

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