30 Lumens Solar Underground Light – (White + Blue)

//30 Lumens Solar Underground Light – (White + Blue)

30 Lumens Solar Underground Light – (White + Blue)


30 Lumens Solar Underground Light – (White + Blue)

Solar Panel  : 0.8W, 5.5V

LED  : 30 Lumens

Li-ion Battery  : 2000mAh , 3.7V

Lighting Time  : Around 3 nights after full charging

Lighting Mode  : 1) At night, the white light turn on during the first 5 hours. The blue light will turn on when people stride over the solar underground light, and last 5-10 seconds. After that it turns to white light again.
2) After 5 hours, the light will turn to 50% brightness white light for the following hour. Please note that, no blue light will be turned after the first 5 hours.

Solar Charging Time  : 11 hours by bright sunlight

Material  : Aluminum Alloy + Tempered Glass

Waterproof  : IP65

Size  :170mm x 170mm x 55mm

  1. Easy to install and energy saving.
  2. Automatically turns on/off at dusk and dawn
  3. Built-in full screen solar panel with high charging efficiency
  4. Soft full screen bright light, no dazzling point lighting
  5. Strong pressure-resistant stainless housing with firm glass
  6. No electricity required, no cables, easy to fit
  7. Safety, Energy conservation, Environmental protection


– Solar Underground Light x 1
– User Manual x 1

  • Garden
  • Park
  • Resort
  • Hotel
  • Street
  • Walkway

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